11 Nov

Opening a Shop: The Power of a Good Safe

Are you planning to open a retail store or shop in the near future? If so, you will need to address a host of concerns. One of the most important involves on-site security. Many articles highlight options such as CCTV cameras and motion sensors. However, very few address why a modern safe is a critical compliment within these systems. Let us look at three benefits directly associated with these traditional devices in order to fully appreciate their unrivalled importance.

A Real Sense of Security

Modern safes are now associated with some of the latest security features in existence. Some of these include (but they are by no means limited to):

  • Timed access.
  • Personalised entrance codes.
  • Redundant power backup systems.
  • Remote alerts in the event of a fault.
  • Protection from fires and floods.

Even the most diminutive safe has evolved in leaps and bounds when compared to its 19th-century counterpart, so you can rest assured that the valuables of your shop are in good hands at all times.

A Passive Deterrent

Another lesser-known benefit of the safes provided by quality manufacturers such as Secure Safe involves the concept of passive deterrence. A would-be burglar is much less motivated to attempt a robbery if he or she is aware that a safe is present. After all, accessing these robust storage devices is nearly impossible. Thus, the modern safe doubles as a passive deterrent. When combined with other monitoring devices such as an alarm system, the chances of your shop encountering criminal mischief are dramatically reduced.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Anyone who is opening a shop in the near future will obviously be concerned about the associated insurance premiums. These can be quite hefty; particularly if the store is located in an area known for high crime rates. There are many ways in which these premiums can be lowered and one of the most effective involves the presence of a safe. The insurer in question will be aware that the possibilities of material or financial losses are less likely. Thus, the chances are high that you will be able enjoy reduced monthly premiums. This is an obvious benefit if you are operating with a limited amount of capital.

These are some of the many reasons why a safe is a great idea if you happen to own a new shop. Please speak with a representative from Secure Safe Limited to learn about the choices at your disposal.